Serena Foster is a singer / songwriter from Los Angeles, California.


Currently Serena has been very busy playing packed shows all over LA, while releasing new music produced by Raz Klinghoffer.  Raz is also known as for his DJ name "Hamster" whose work can be heard on television shows such as "American Horror Story," Ink Master" and "The Flash."​

Recently a song that Serena and Hamster wrote called “Oh Oh Oh” was used in the original Netflix series “Lucifer”, which just came out this year.


Serena has also worked with J2 Producer, who has produced and remixed songs for artists such as Beyonce, Shakira, LL Cool J, The Pussy Cat Dolls, and Cassie. They made an epic movie trailer cover of the Styx's song "Come Sail Away". 

 Currently you can find her performing all over, so be sure to keep close eyes on her social media and website to find out when her next show is!


I _3 CA - Cover Art.jpg

"I N  T H I S  H O U S E"  O U T  N O W



"H O L L O W"   M U S I C   V I D E O

D I R E C T E D  B Y  K A S S Y   M A H E A

S E R E N A   L I V E 

T H E  T R O U B A D O U R

H O T E L  C A F E 


T H E  V I P E R  R O O M

S A N  B E R N A D I N O   A R T S  F E S T I V A L

T H E  M I N T

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